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Ulma MultiV+ 200 Channel

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Ulma MultiV+ 200 channel

Ulma MultiV + 200 is a Polymer concrete driveway drainage channel with versatile uses suitable for intermediate loads and road traffic for areas of low and medium hydraulic requirements.


  • Optimized V-shaped section with self-cleaning effect.
  • Different driveway drain widths 100-150-200
  • Galvanized profile / ductile cast iron / stainless steel profile
  • Gratings available in stainless, galvanized steel or ductile cast iron
  • Rapidlock® locking system
  • Bolting possible
  • Mechanical stability in 8 fixing points
  • Possibility of built-in slope, mixed slope or cascade slope.
  • Load class up to D400


  • Car parks for all types of vehicles, shopping areas and pedestrian zones.

MultiV+ 200 Channel Dimensions

R200G00R Height-220mm Width-int 200mm ext 236mm

R200G10R Height-270mm Width-int 200mm ext 236mm

R200G20R Height-320mm Width-int 200mm ext 236mm

R200G30R Height-370mm Width-int 200mm ext 236mm

Gratings are all 500mm long expect the single slot which is 1000mm long