Aco Sport Slot Channel

This channel provides specific drainage solutions for sporting facilities.


Aco Sport Slot Channel

High quality track area slot drainage system

Aco Sport Slot Channel is manufactured from high strength polymer concrete. The channel provides a high quality drainage system to track areas. Removable plastic curbing can be fitted for athletic use then it can be easily removed for other events. The system is available in straight and radius units with an anchorage groove on one side, both sides or with no groove.

Features and Applications of Sport Slot Channel


  • High quality track area drainage system
  • Optional plastic curbing


  • Running Tracks
  • Sports Facilities

High Capacity channel, sumps, access units, end caps and drain unions also available.

Sport Slot Channel dimensions

Length 1000mm Overall Width 160mm Overall depth 187mm without ridges or 200mm with ridges.





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