Ultibed Kerb Repair

Ultibed Kerb Repair is a rapid setting mortar for permanent patch repairs whether they are emergency or planned repairs. It can be opened to foot traffic after 90 minutes.


Ultibed Kerb Repair

Ultibed Kerb Repair is designed for strong long-lasting repairs to concrete kerbstones and steps. The two-component rapid setting patch repair mortar is great for completing small repairs in heavy traffic areas allowing a quick return to service.

It is a permanent repair system for both emergency and planned repair jobs. The two-component system comprises of a 9kg tub of blended cementitious powder and 1 litre of liquid polymer all supplied in a 10kg tub.

Kerb Repair reaches a compressive strength of 15.0 N/mm² and a flexural strength of 4.0 N/mm² after 90mm with a final compressive strength of 60.0 N/mm² after 28 days.

Benefits and Applications of Kerb Repair


  • Ready to receive traffic after just 90 mins
  • High strength gain
  • Pre-blended cementitious component with polymer liquid additive for priming and mixing
  • Supplied in water resistant tubs
  • Excellent bond strength
  • High final strengths


  • repairs to steps
  • repairs to kerbstones
  • repairs to other street furniture
  • any repair that requires high early strength and a quick return to service time


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