Sprigot and Socket Pipes





Sprigot and Socket pipes are ideal for surface storm water and foul water systems. Spherical lifting anchors are fitted, as standard, on pipes with diameters larger than and including 1200DN.
Lifting anchors can be fitted on request in smaller diameter pipes.
7.5 tonne anchors are fitted in the 1200 DN pipes and 10 tonne anchors are fitted in the 1350 -2100 DN pipes. 10 tonne lifting shackles will fit all lifting anchors used.

Pipes available

  • Sprigot and Socket Pipes
  • Rocker Pipes
  • Butt End Socket pipes
  • Butt End Sprigot Pipes
  • Double Sprigot


Please specify the size of the pipes required when requesting a quote or feel free to email your requirements to sales@scotia-supplies.com